In Comfort and loving it

Oh Comfort, Texas!  Hill country beauty, close to major cities (Austin and San Antonio), close to non-major cities (Fredericksburg and Kerrville), just a gem in the Hills of Texas. Proudly founded in the mid 1850s by “freethinkers”; it has kept it roots.  It has its own unique flavor but for those who have never personally tasted it; Comfort is to Austin as frog legs are to chicken.  A very general standard  of goodness but smaller, extremely unusual, and, well, just simply special.

That is where we are here at the 8th Street Market, good ‘ol creative, unique, quaint, glorious, one-of-a-kind Comfort, Texas.  And you might have guessed it…..we are on 8th street!  We are filled to the brim and then some with mid-century treasures, furniture from the 1800s, with stories to tell, refurbished wood pieces (and the wood itself for those of you building) and of course Texas flavored antiques; never forget your roots!

We come equipped with passionate owners, educated management and staff, and a genuine love for antiques, design and sharing of knowledge to help you find those one-of-a-kind pieces.  You can find out more about us through our website, Facebook and Instagram but we wanted to create a blog as well for general antique fun and design learning!  We will be featuring general pieces the store has for sale, vendors; the people who find these amazing goodies and what it is like to treasure hunt, and how to create your own unique loves.

More about our amazing store and our beautiful building next time but for today, if you want a fun, enjoyable, “slow-pace-with-lots-of-eye-candy” kind of day or weekend come to Comfort! We are here, we would love to have you, we would love to know you and your “freethinking” thoughts too! …Just maybe not on a Monday, we like to take breaks on Mondays!

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