Four-legged memories

My dad always had a recliner and it was “dad’s chair”.  We were allowed to sit in it, but if dad was in the room, all “dibs” were his.  There are lots of memories I have associated with that chair; grabbing it before my siblings did when dad would leave the room and seeing how far we could make it rock without falling over.  My favorite thing to do in that chair though, was cuddle with my dad.  I would curl up and snuggle with him and we would rock back and forth just watching some silly show (that I am sure he really enjoyed too), or just talking about the day.  It brought on an “end-of-the-day, settle into the evening, you are safe” kind of feeling and I loved it.

The things we fill our home with should do this.  They should provide means for us to live the life we have and provide avenues for wonderful memories.  Like I have mentioned before, I have too many chairs in my house and several seating areas, usually arranged in a circular formation because I want to encourage gathering, talking, and comfy places for anyone who walks in our front door.

This can be applied to the dinner table as well.  Long, short, round, square the dimension can and do differ.  However, the memories have the potential to be strong in any shape. Choose chairs that all match, choose an electic mix of different shapes and styles from different time periods that would even be a great conversation starter.

Whatever route you take in designing your home just remeber that aesthetics are wonderful, I love helping people make their homes beautiful.  But good design is form and function!  What is the goal for the “function” portion of your home?  Make sure you consider this as well when decorating so you will have beauty…and good memories flowing through your home.


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