Can I take you to dinner?


It is rare that you find vintage chairs that all match, thank goodness the eclectic look is amazing!  Our vendors, however, are skilled at finding bulks of treasures and often acquire complete sets for those who favor this look.  It is clean, sophisticated, and allows you to go a little crazier in other areas if you desire.  If I was in the market for chairs (which I honestly always am), I would dive into the beautiful lines of these black wire-legged mid-century chairs!  With their curved wood seat, they are comfortable and able to support any bum for a long dinner full of amazing conversation and the memories that come with it.


My personal table at home is on the eclectic side.  I often get carried away with form over function, but my practical, efficient husband has helped balance me out…..just a little.  He is a good ‘ol strong Texas boy and needs a good ‘ol strong chair to support him.  So when I changed the chairs out around our dining room table, his curved back wooden chair was not to be touched. He feels supported and I know my “boundaries”.

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