Ingenious invention

We have all used them in one form or another.  They might not scream comfort or luxury but we have all been grateful for their existence……duh duh duh duh….the folding chair!!!


I was shopping in a thrift store, a hobby if you will, the other day and found this beautiful old folding chair.  It just reminded me of how creative and practical people can be and how much I get to benefit from other’s ideas and pursuits.

According to the most reliable source on the internet, wikipedia, John Cham established the first paten for the folded chair in 1855.  Since sliced bread wasn’t marketed until the 1920s.  I can imagine the previous turn of phrase being ” That’s the greatest thing since fold out chairs”.  And they would have been right! They save the day in their multiple forms constantly.  Concerts, parties, and camping are just three events I can think where some form of this ingenious invention increases the enjoyment ten-fold!

So enjoy your summer!  And when you pop out that camping chair, or unfold the metal one give a small shout out to “the Cham-ster” who started it all.  Cham-ster, to increase comfort is to increase time together and we are thankful for your invention!

This is a gate-fold chair created by the Cosco company more than likely in the 1950s. According to their website, they started out making tin matchboxes in the 1930s, helped make military equipment during World War II, then moved on to household metal stools and chairs.


I love that it comes with instructions and what a lady in her hose and heels demonstrating for us!  Classy!  I genuinely love it.

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