You’re grounded

The coffee table can center or ground your room.  It can also be a gathering place.  When I was younger there was an older couple at my church, the Gigers, who would watch us occasionally. We loved going to their house because we would get milk, oreos, and play dominos for hours around their coffee table.  My brother and sister and I would sit on the floor, they would sit on the couch and the competition would be on!  I am sure they let us win, but we were non-the-wiser.

Playing games is still something I love to do!  When my husband and I have friends over, more than likely, we will end the night with games.  And trust me, no one is letting anyone win!

The efficiency of a coffee table meets many needs and the potential beauty can make all the difference in a space you probably spend most of your time.  So if you love your coffee table plan a gathering around it!  If it is time for something different plan a trip to 8th Street and let your imagination go!

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