Let them grow

This is a really good opportunity to make your grandmother happy.  All of those cans, and containers she has saved over the years can finally be put to use again….add a plant.

In my late 20s I went to live with my Grandie (my grandmother) in Alabama whose health had started fading.  It was a very hard 2 years, but the rewards outweighed the trials by far.  She became my best friend and even though she was loosing her memories she was still able to teach me so much!

I remember when I first moved in I saw a bunch of cans sitting on her porch and asked her about them.  They were for collecting rain to water her garden.  Not because of an environmental movement, not because she felt obligated to help the planet, just good ‘ol common sense.  “Why buy the water when the Lord provides?”.  I have never forgotten that, and the day I can keep a cactus alive, is the day I will plant a garden and is the day I will put empty cans out to be filled with “water from the Lord”.

Here are some more beautiful plants (that I am not in charge of therefore they will survive) and very creative containers you can create or better yet they are waiting for you at The 8th Street Market…


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