Light the funky way!

Something only nature can do but you get to benefit from!  I love the light fixture above.  It is neutral in color but explosive in its statement!  For those of us who love nature and want to bring a little bit with us inside this is an amazing option.  Light, in general, is a major aspect of setting the mood in any room.  It can read “warm and cozy” or “business gets done here”, it can change a paint color or high-light a particular piece in a room.  Use it to your advantage and don’t be afraid to let the light itself be the show-stopper.


Also, do not forget that with all the light kits available and the ease of their use, you can turn almost anything into that show stopping piece.  Do you want a breath-taking sconce?  This stands on it’s own as art but as a light….wow!  Just wow!!!

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