Let’s have a feast

Guess what is coming?  The most wonderful time of the year!  At least for me, late October to December is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love the holiday season.  I know it encompasses many things for many people and mine often…yes often has tough situations that come along but it is just magical to me.  So, to embrace the magic, let’s get a head start on our table decorations.  If this is something you do every year, or maybe a little extra you want to add to mix we have lots of ideas for you.  Here is an amazing table one of our vendors put together.  It has modern flare with some Texas hill country tradition.



Color, texture and live plants just make me FALL in love…get it FALL!  Okay, that might have been too much, but this is just so creative and gorgeous!  Have fun and get creative!

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