Flying into Spring

Time flies ladies and gentlemen.  We have been busy bees around here and are now flying into spring! Now that you have de-cluttered, it is time to be inspired. LWA_5473

There is a certain personality type that loves organizing naturally.  For me, I have to make it fun and usually that is done by containers.  Unique, wonderful, special pieces that are not only beautiful but also serve needed purposes.  Which is actually the definition of good design; form and function.

I like to shove everything in drawers, sight unseen.  I am not saying this is the best, because it can lead to chaos at times, but my eye does not like looking a clutter.  My husband is about quickest and fastest, which means he wants everything on the counter.  So, to make his junk….I mean, his useful stuff seem like they belong on the counter, I use layers.  A marbled charger or a wooden bread board creates a distinct place for counter items giving it a more purposeful, organized look.  A glass bowl for keys to be thrown into when entering your house is another potential for hitting form and function.  What are some things you have incorporated into the design of your house that makes daily tasks a little more beautiful and fun?

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