Vintage Flea


October 26th is a date to remember

Over 30 vendors in one place!  From worldly upscale antiques and art to industrial and vintage finds we have it all!  It is a decorator’s paradise with fun for the whole family including food trucks, coffee by Wanderin’ Calf, a beautiful pumpkin patch great for picking and family pictures and lots of games to play as well!  Come celebrate the Fall with us!


Give several designers the same space and same materials and their final design will all be a unique creation!  We have started inviting fellow “creatives” to join us in doing just that.  We are launching a series of window displays and will be featuring local designers who will scour the depths of our store for inspiration and items, take that vision and create living works of art in the form of window displays.

We are honored to have Slaughter Design Studio and Windmill Meadow Farm collaborate with all our vendors in creating this amazing master piece for us!

What inspires you about window displays and who would you like to see design a window for us?


Summer is here!


Is your outdoor space ready for summer?  What do you do to bring in the summer fun?  Here in the Hill Country summer hits strong and long and we love our outdoor spaces.  Our vendors find the coolest outdoor furniture.  Pieces that have lasted through many summers that will bring a cool, unique flare to your front or back porch.

Personally I am thinking about redoing my porch for summer.  I have these beautiful chairs on my front porch. They are not only comfortable but they give me a good cardio workout as I run down my street chasing the pillows that are being blown by the wind.  Needless to say, it might be time for a new plan!  Let me know what you guys do if you have had the same problem!

A little glimpse of green


The bluebonnets are here!  Though we are still having some nice chilly days the flowers are starting to bloom and pollen is starting to float in the air.  (Allergy friends, you know what I am talking about!) For those of you who need a reminder that spring is near, here is a little green to brighten up your day.  What a great pop of color!  It just screams, “Spring is here!”

Spring is cool

We have experienced quite the weather here in the hill country.  It is currently about 40 degrees.  Last year at this time it was 75!!!  It keeps us on our toes.  Warm or cold we are ready to provide comfort and inspiration to you and your life.  And no matter what the weather, Wander’n Calf has the right drink for you!


Flying into Spring

Time flies ladies and gentlemen.  We have been busy bees around here and are now flying into spring! Now that you have de-cluttered, it is time to be inspired. LWA_5473

There is a certain personality type that loves organizing naturally.  For me, I have to make it fun and usually that is done by containers.  Unique, wonderful, special pieces that are not only beautiful but also serve needed purposes.  Which is actually the definition of good design; form and function.

I like to shove everything in drawers, sight unseen.  I am not saying this is the best, because it can lead to chaos at times, but my eye does not like looking a clutter.  My husband is about quickest and fastest, which means he wants everything on the counter.  So, to make his junk….I mean, his useful stuff seem like they belong on the counter, I use layers.  A marbled charger or a wooden bread board creates a distinct place for counter items giving it a more purposeful, organized look.  A glass bowl for keys to be thrown into when entering your house is another potential for hitting form and function.  What are some things you have incorporated into the design of your house that makes daily tasks a little more beautiful and fun?

November, where did you come from?


Was October a whirl-wind for all or just me?  I cannot believe we are 6 days into November and I am loving it!  I could use longer days for all that is ahead but this season is worth it.  I hope you all are feeling the same!  I know our vendors are feeling the spirit.

Do you know what your Thanksgiving table will look like?  If not, come on into The 8th Street Market for inspiration and items!  It is a good way to get all the good season “vibes” and ideas!

Welcome October!

With open arms we welcome October.  Who else LOVES this time of year?   Here in the Hill Country it even feels like fall!  It has cooled off to a cool 71 degrees, the fog has rolled in and brought the right feel.  Our vendors are feeling it too!

Come get your fall on!  The pumpkin patch is ready for you to do your picking and take your pictures!  It is just an amazing time to be in the Hill Country.

pumpkin patch

Let’s have a feast

Guess what is coming?  The most wonderful time of the year!  At least for me, late October to December is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love the holiday season.  I know it encompasses many things for many people and mine often…yes often has tough situations that come along but it is just magical to me.  So, to embrace the magic, let’s get a head start on our table decorations.  If this is something you do every year, or maybe a little extra you want to add to mix we have lots of ideas for you.  Here is an amazing table one of our vendors put together.  It has modern flare with some Texas hill country tradition.



Color, texture and live plants just make me FALL in love…get it FALL!  Okay, that might have been too much, but this is just so creative and gorgeous!  Have fun and get creative!