For the black thumbs

For those of you who are like me.  Maybe you have killed every succulent and all but one cactus you have owned, maybe your husband gives you orchids and you know you need to replant them in a bigger pot soon (you said that to yourself 6 weeks ago) but have done nothing to make that happen.  Or maybe you set a plant outside 2 weeks ago because you thought it needed some sun, forgot about it and it is sitting on it’s side, dead as it gets on your front porch.  I don’t know what kind of person would do such things, but if you know someone who struggles with the green thumb, tell them to give these beauties a try…



Let them grow

This is a really good opportunity to make your grandmother happy.  All of those cans, and containers she has saved over the years can finally be put to use again….add a plant.

In my late 20s I went to live with my Grandie (my grandmother) in Alabama whose health had started fading.  It was a very hard 2 years, but the rewards outweighed the trials by far.  She became my best friend and even though she was loosing her memories she was still able to teach me so much!

I remember when I first moved in I saw a bunch of cans sitting on her porch and asked her about them.  They were for collecting rain to water her garden.  Not because of an environmental movement, not because she felt obligated to help the planet, just good ‘ol common sense.  “Why buy the water when the Lord provides?”.  I have never forgotten that, and the day I can keep a cactus alive, is the day I will plant a garden and is the day I will put empty cans out to be filled with “water from the Lord”.

Here are some more beautiful plants (that I am not in charge of therefore they will survive) and very creative containers you can create or better yet they are waiting for you at The 8th Street Market…


You’re grounded

The coffee table can center or ground your room.  It can also be a gathering place.  When I was younger there was an older couple at my church, the Gigers, who would watch us occasionally. We loved going to their house because we would get milk, oreos, and play dominos for hours around their coffee table.  My brother and sister and I would sit on the floor, they would sit on the couch and the competition would be on!  I am sure they let us win, but we were non-the-wiser.

Playing games is still something I love to do!  When my husband and I have friends over, more than likely, we will end the night with games.  And trust me, no one is letting anyone win!

The efficiency of a coffee table meets many needs and the potential beauty can make all the difference in a space you probably spend most of your time.  So if you love your coffee table plan a gathering around it!  If it is time for something different plan a trip to 8th Street and let your imagination go!

So many choices

Outside, inside, mid-century, industrial, rustic, wood, glass-top…it goes on and on.  Decide what your coffee table needs to function as; leg rest, decorative element, to keep food away from your pets?  There is no right or wrong and no end to how creative you can get.  Take this large antique trough, put a long piece of glass or plexiglass over it and cause a conversation when people walk in.

Take a funky metal piece and keep it rustic, or paint it to match your room and let the lines speak for themselves…



Coffee anyone?

Coffee table basics (according to Wayfair designs)…

“It should be the same height as your sofa cushions or 1-2 inches lower, it should be about 2/3 the length of your couch, and it should be placed about 12-18 inches away from the couch.”

But we are not usually about basics here at 8th Street.  So, apply what you will and just have fun with creating a unique and one of a kind coffee table that will ground your living space and provide a functional area for drinks (or legs if you are at my house).  It is time for the coffee table to take the attention back from the coffee table book!

Too dependent

I never thought I would be a person who stores and depends on their phone for everyday life, but I am!  I think it would be hard to find someone who is active in life, that is not.  All this to say, last weekend my phone decided to die.  It died and I left for the beach!  Not in response…what a life that would be!  I left because that was the plan and there was no time to get a phone.  Pictures, write-ups, to-do lists, numbers, will all be lost when I do get back in the act but I will recover, life will go on and it will fill my phone with new pictures and to-dos.  I am headed to the phone store where hopefully they will say, “You have been such an amazing customer for the past 17 years, here is a new iphone on us, thank you for being so loyal”!  Or at least one can hope!  And then your normal blog will be back in action!  Wish me luck!

You may be seated!



I love the vintage feel of this chair but it needed a little updating, so let the journey begin!

I cut off the fish canvas, taped up the wooden arm rests with painters tape, and spray painted the chair frame black.  When you spray paint, the most important thing is to stay about 6-8 inches away and do not try to get it all in one spray.  Always, do at least 2 coats.

I used the original fabric to figure out the dimensions of the new fabric.  I bought this AMAZING linen at The 8th Street Market in vendor 1030’s booth.  I love the muted colors, I am a sucker for muted prints!  I did a normal hem on both sides and then I was ready to hand sew the fabric onto the chair.


Large stitches on the top (obviously hand-done), center stitch in the middle of the chair and then another to secure the bottom.  If I wanted a little more longevity from this chair, I would definitely double-stitch everything.


Removed the black tape and you have a new “glammed-up” chair!  I love it.

From old to new!

If you noticed it is a different pool, then checkout the reality below!  I guess these pools are a one-time use only???  So, new plastic pool it is!  This project was so fun and so easy!  Let me know what you think and what kind of chairs you have refinished!