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A little glimpse of green

The bluebonnets are here!  Though we are still having some nice chilly days the flowers are starting to bloom and pollen is starting to float in the air.  (Allergy friends, you know what I am talking about!) For those of you who need a reminder that spring is near, here is a little green to brighten up your day.  What a great pop of … Read More A little glimpse of green

Spring is cool

We have experienced quite the weather here in the hill country.  It is currently about 40 degrees.  Last year at this time it was 75!!!  It keeps us on our toes.  Warm or cold we are ready to provide comfort and inspiration to you and your life.  And no matter what the weather, Wander’n Calf has the right drink for you!

Flying into Spring

Time flies ladies and gentlemen.  We have been busy bees around here and are now flying into spring! Now that you have de-cluttered, it is time to be inspired. There is a certain personality type that loves organizing naturally.  For me, I have to make it fun and usually that is done by containers.  Unique, wonderful, special pieces that are not only beautiful but … Read More Flying into Spring


We are thankful for our vendors who put their heart into bringing fun, imaginative items to our store and we are thankful to you, who visit us and share with us how these items have brought your home closer to your dreams.

November, where did you come from?

Was October a whirl-wind for all or just me?  I cannot believe we are 6 days into November and I am loving it!  I could use longer days for all that is ahead but this season is worth it.  I hope you all are feeling the same!  I know our vendors are feeling the spirit. Do you know what your Thanksgiving table will look … Read More November, where did you come from?

Welcome October!

With open arms we welcome October.  Who else LOVES this time of year?   Here in the Hill Country it even feels like fall!  It has cooled off to a cool 71 degrees, the fog has rolled in and brought the right feel.  Our vendors are feeling it too! Come get your fall on!  The pumpkin patch is ready for you to do your … Read More Welcome October!

Let’s have a feast

Guess what is coming?  The most wonderful time of the year!  At least for me, late October to December is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love the holiday season.  I know it encompasses many things for many people and mine often…yes often has tough situations that come along but it is just magical to me.  So, to embrace the magic, let’s … Read More Let’s have a feast

Light the funky way!

Something only nature can do but you get to benefit from!  I love the light fixture above.  It is neutral in color but explosive in its statement!  For those of us who love nature and want to bring a little bit with us inside this is an amazing option.  Light, in general, is a major aspect of setting the mood in any room.  It … Read More Light the funky way!

For the black thumbs

For those of you who are like me.  Maybe you have killed every succulent and all but one cactus you have owned, maybe your husband gives you orchids and you know you need to replant them in a bigger pot soon (you said that to yourself 6 weeks ago) but have done nothing to make that happen.  Or maybe you set a plant outside … Read More For the black thumbs

Still sprouting

Just a few more funky plants…

Let them grow

This is a really good opportunity to make your grandmother happy.  All of those cans, and containers she has saved over the years can finally be put to use again….add a plant. In my late 20s I went to live with my Grandie (my grandmother) in Alabama whose health had started fading.  It was a very hard 2 years, but the rewards outweighed the … Read More Let them grow