You may be seated!



I love the vintage feel of this chair but it needed a little updating, so let the journey begin!

I cut off the fish canvas, taped up the wooden arm rests with painters tape, and spray painted the chair frame black.  When you spray paint, the most important thing is to stay about 6-8 inches away and do not try to get it all in one spray.  Always, do at least 2 coats.

I used the original fabric to figure out the dimensions of the new fabric.  I bought this AMAZING linen at The 8th Street Market in vendor 1030’s booth.  I love the muted colors, I am a sucker for muted prints!  I did a normal hem on both sides and then I was ready to hand sew the fabric onto the chair.


Large stitches on the top (obviously hand-done), center stitch in the middle of the chair and then another to secure the bottom.  If I wanted a little more longevity from this chair, I would definitely double-stitch everything.


Removed the black tape and you have a new “glammed-up” chair!  I love it.

From old to new!

If you noticed it is a different pool, then checkout the reality below!  I guess these pools are a one-time use only???  So, new plastic pool it is!  This project was so fun and so easy!  Let me know what you think and what kind of chairs you have refinished!

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