Too dependent

I never thought I would be a person who stores and depends on their phone for everyday life, but I am!  I think it would be hard to find someone who is active in life, that is not.  All this to say, last weekend my phone decided to die.  It died and I left for the beach!  Not in response…what a life that would be!  I left because that was the plan and there was no time to get a phone.  Pictures, write-ups, to-do lists, numbers, will all be lost when I do get back in the act but I will recover, life will go on and it will fill my phone with new pictures and to-dos.  I am headed to the phone store where hopefully they will say, “You have been such an amazing customer for the past 17 years, here is a new iphone on us, thank you for being so loyal”!  Or at least one can hope!  And then your normal blog will be back in action!  Wish me luck!

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